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Why d meeting

Special Journal of Philosophy, Sociology and Education hopes to bring together global best brains to exchange ideas on Global social sex and gender [GSSG] issues that have continued to define the direction of the swinging pendulum of sustainable development

 Enough of the gossips and let’s get out the facts and figures about who we are and why we think we are who we are and why we behave the way we behave

Your: voice, case, ideas, suggestions, inputs, and recommendations must be echoed in the right place and at the right time during the. Global social sex and gender [GSSG] Virtual conference 2021

Why take part

We glad to accommodate all stakeholders in this virtual online conference about matters that concerns all of us.

It is brought to the comforts of your bedrooms, doorsteps, and anywhere so as to give you chance to let your voice be heard.

No travels restrictions, no lockdowns, no vaccine passports, no visa applications, and so on. We can still achieve a lot in the pandemic despite the aftermath of the pandemic that brought us to the new normal ways of life.

If you do not say here I am, no one will know where you are and what you have to say to the world. Let’s embrace the new normal post ways of doing things as we prepare for the post-pandemic life.

Register and invite your contacts as well so that together we blaze the trail of sustainable development

Our plan for your abstracts

Abstracts are stand-alone documents that should be clear, concise, and educative enough to allow readers to make decisions without reading the full text.

Abstracts are also published separately as Journals supplements without the may text. Structured abstracts will be upgraded and published as “Opinion” or “Position” papers

Global social sex and gender [GSSG] Virtual conference 2021
Getting the first things right

Global social sex and gender [GSSG] Virtual conference 2021

DATE:        September 23rd – 25th, 2021

Deadline for September 14th, 2021


Fill these forms to register for the conference

1. Register to present your papers (Attach or paste your Abstracts)

    2. Register to listen and learn from others (NO Abstracts)

      Selected topics include but not limited to:

       Sociology of sex and gender

      Session 1: Gender and social relations.

      1. Analysis of social behavior, social theory, and social phenomenon
      2. Feminist theories and the intersection of race, class, and ethnicity
      3. Theoretically analysis of gender and social relations.
      4. Gender inequality in professional activity?
      5. Man and woman professions?
      6. Aspects of gender inequality at work and solutions to this problem?
      7. Characteristics of gender stereotypes in media

      Session 2: Gender studies

      1. The roles of gender in a family
      2. Correlation or Homosexuality and nationality
      3. At which age children should start asking questions?
      4. Gender studies and school study programs?
      5. The history of women’s rights in different countries.
      6. How gender studies affect self-esteem?
      7. The social debate about LGBT in different countries

       Global social contexts

      Session 3: Social status and crime

      1. National and global social contexts;
      2. women’s participation and change of culture, society, and politics;
      3. violence against women; postmodern theoretical perspectives
      4. criminology, ethnography, stratification, and social psychology,
      5. The sociology of crime and deviance
      6. the formation and enforcement of laws,

      Session 4: International Marriages

      1. International marriages change within the time
      2. The influence of international marriages influence the national awareness
      3. Correlation between race and educational level?
      4. Foreign education influence further professional success
      5. The phenomenon of the most common racial stereotypes
      6. Racial stereotypes effects On self-esteem and consciousness?

      Session 5: Patriotism and social status

      1. The phenomenon of a patriot and its features
      2. Patriotic sentiment in different countries
      3. The correlation between social status and patriotism
      4. Educational establishments and adoption of patriotism studies?
      5. Nationality effect on a career in governmental establishments
      Global social sex and gender [GSSG] Virtual conference 2021
      Getting the first things right

      To Register for the Global social sex and gender [GSSG] Virtual conference 2021 on October 8-9th, 2021, fill the form above or call us:  +256 726 011573/  +256700488917 and/or send a mail to us at

      You will get an instant response in not more than 48hrs, from our dedicated staff mandated to serve you.

      1. Faculties………….US$20
      2. Students………….US$10
      3. Others……………..US$20
      4. Groups more than 20, get 30% off
      5. Register to listen [ US$10].
      6. Corporate Exposition: ….US$100

      Queries to: or (what’s app +256726011573) or direct call +256700488917

      Abstract publication

      Accepted abstracts will be published as supplements in the Special Journal of  Philosophy, Sociology, and Education. It will also be published in all our social media outlets.

      Authors will be guided on how to write the manuscript for publication in the Special Journal of Philosophy, Sociology, and Education.


      Global social sex and gender [GSSG] Virtual conference 2021

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